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WAIPlAS Agribusiness Expo, which is West Africa Intl. Poultry, Livestock, Aquaculture,Food security investment  summit & Exhibition is an international Aquaculture, livestock & Agro allied show which is designed to  bring various Aquaculture, livestock and Agro allied stakeholders, farmers, agencies, institutions, governments, producers, processors, Manufacturers, marketers, distributors, experts, professionals, associations together from all West African states, Africa and other countries of the world for business, knowledge, contacts, networking ,investment , trade and commerce  . The summit is to promote the ideals of livestock, Aquaculture, Agro allied and agribusiness in West African states.  Economic cooperation, encourage local and international agribusiness market network, promoting local innovation and research, introduction of new products both local and internationally.

The summit shall involve exhibitions, Seminars/training workshops, business meetings, Government and stakeholders trade missions and relationship, products presentation, lecture presentation, farmers and products company’s meeting/forums and Farm tours

Over 10,000 participants are expected from Nigeria, other West African states and countries of the world. The summit which is internationally based shall be driven by governments, NGOs and private partnership.  The expected partners shall include Government of Akwa Ibom state, first ladys office, ECOWAS Secretariat, FISON, Caftan, NVMA, PAN, AFAN, Federal Ministry of Agriculture (Fisheries Dept.), NSAP, BOI, FIIRO, UNIDO, SMEDAN, NIOMR, USA EMBASSY (AGRICULTURE SECTION), AKWA IBOM STATE Ministry of agriculture,Made,Pind,Coret,Oxfam,USAID.


West Africa with over 250 million people and over 90 million farmers is a black nation that needs such programmes for agribusiness trade promotions, skill acquisition, business networking, wealth creation, social/food security and economic growth.

Agriculture still constitutes about 50% of our gross domestic products and hence provides rural employment.  Waiplas Agribusiness Expo was conceived out of desire to expose the potential of the companies in the sector, which have made significant improvement in the production, manufacturing, packaging, storage and processing of their products.  The event will give agribusiness stakeholders, farmers & potential farmers the opportunity to network, learn new technologies, so as to enhance their knowledge, skills & business development.  It will also promote and encourage local agribusiness production, processing, marketing and export, which will in turn empower & create wealth for the people. It will give investors in various parts of West African states and other countries the opportunity to come together to share their business and product innovations which will create an ideas of opportunity to indeginiuos agribusiness operators. This will also bring the Government, Investors, agribusiness stakeholders, financial and Research Institutions together for trade missions and economic integration. It will create a database that will assist to enhance the growth and development of agribusiness in Nigeria. It will encourage inter-country and continental business links and export. The foreign participants will have an opportunity to introduce their products to West Africa farmers and share their experiences.

This will also encourage local and international market and investment.  It will help the Government to ascertain the true position of Agriculture development in West Africa and hence help in the future planning. It will look into current and cheapest ways of production, processing, marketing, financing/loan and insurance in developing West Africa agriculture.


  1. a) WORKSHOPS/SEMINARS: This is done for 3 days.  The Programme is designed for practicing, potential farmers and investors. Current research works from various research institutions across the continent and other parts of the globe are taught to the farmers to improve their knowledge and farming skills.  The seminar is used to uplift the status and knowledge of farmers on New innovation, technology advancement which will improve and ensure abundant food production, export and employment generation. The companies both local and foreign will have an opportunity to introduce their products and educate the farmers more on their products uses and benefits.

The seminars/workshops are usually three (3) presentation per day and twelve (12) lectures for 4 days.  The topics selected for lectures are usually chosen in consideration of the type of farming that is applicable in that location which can also afford investors the opportunity to make profit and get back their investment as soon as possible.

  1. b) TRAINING/RESOURCE PERSONS: This gives opportunities to farmers to be trained on various farming skills for self-employment and poverty eradication.  Experts on various field of agriculture have been invited to speak and train the people; this include Professionals, Practicing farmers, Consultants, Researchers, Bankers, Practicing Veterinary Doctors, Agronomists and Nutritionists, both local and internationally.
  2. c) BUSINESS/STAKEHOLDERS FORUM: This is one day business meeting where local and foreign participants, farmers, professionals, investors, experts, manufacturers, suppliers/markets meet to exchange business ideas and contacts.
  3. d) EXHIBITION: The exhibition would afford companies/ organizations/agency/institutions/banks the opportunity to introduce, show case or sell their products and services in West Africa. It will give opportunity to farmers to showcase their products/produce, a unique opportunity for importers, markets and manufacturers of livestock and aquaculture products to introduce and sell their products. It will also assist suppliers, buyers and users of wide range of livestock and aquaculture products to create new business relationship so as to expand their marketing network.



It will assist Agricultural products, manufacturers, suppliers and marketers to introduce their products into the West African livestock and aquaculture market, which will encourage inter-country business links and investment.

The embassies of foreign mission in Nigeria will have an opportunity to use this platform to introduce and showcase their countries manufactures and exporters of livestock and aquaculture products to the African market.  Since Nigeria and other West African states are the biggest farming Nations in Africa, it is very essential to relate and communicate with its farming communities so as to enhance a lasting business relationship and transactions.


(a)        It will help to create market for the farm products, equipment and materials in the country Agricultural industries and beyond.

(b)        It will create more awareness on the zone and State Government Agricultural policies.

(c)        To provide a forum for direct exchange of ideas between manufacturers, farm products, producers, equipment and their customers.

(d)        To create a new market and encourage the existing marketers for Agricultural products/produce.

(e)        To promote the government efforts on Agriculture development in the state, country and zone.

(f)         To attract investors in the Agricultural sectors.

(g)        To showcase the state/country and zones cultural and agricultural potentials.

(h)        The programme will increase the status of the zone and state for so many people will invest in their economy within the duration of the programne.

(i)         Their will be inter zone/state/country business links, introduction of new innovation in the states, skill acquisition, etc.

(j)         The unemployed youths and farmers will be trained for skill acquisition, empowerment and poverty eradication.

(k)        The farmers in that state and country will have opportunity to be trained by expert from within and outside the country for more skill acquisition so as to improve their farming method for abundant quality food production so as to meet the millennium development goal of food for all by 2015 by the United Nation.



Over 10,000 visitors within and outside the country are anticipated for participation.  These include:

  1. Existing and potential aquaculture, poultry, livestock, nutrition and agro processing companies, Equipment, farmers and promoters of Agricultural Business, in west Africa and the globe.
  2. Foreign and indigenous livestock and Aquaculture companies, Manufacturers and producers of agriculture equipment, processing, storage and machineries.

iii.         Farmers’ co-operative societies/organizations, NGO’s and research institutes.

  1. Importers, exporters and suppliers of livestock and aquaculture products.
  2. Banks, insurance and equipment leasing companies.
  3. Government agencies, parastatals and the local Governments councils.

vii.        Foreign embassies, local and international agencies.

viii.       State and Federal Government parastatals and ministries.

  1. Farms and estate builders, agribusiness vendors, information managers,retalers.
  2. Agro companies, packaging, storage and preservation companies.
  3. Business investors, marketers and suppliers of agriculture products.

xii.        ADP’s, local, state and Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

xiii.       Medium and large scale farmers. Agribusiness associations, women and Youth farmers Associations,

DATE—-Month of  May every year.



–   Poultry and fish farmers, trawler owners

–   Poultry and fish equipment companies, processors, storage and preservation equipment companies.

–   Livestock and aquaculture business stakeholders, manufacturers, marketers, suppliers, etc.

–   Farmers, manufacturers, importers, marketers/suppliers

–   Agencies and parastatals, financial institutions/banks

–   Diplomatic mission and trade representations

–   Local, State and Federal ministries of Agriculture, ADP centers

–   Veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers/importers, hygiene

Products and equipment’s.

–   Agro raw materials, agro allied, food and nutrition, etc.

–   Animal nutrition and livestock products manufacturers and



  1. To create an opportunity for foreign companies that produces Aquaculture and livestock products/machineries to introduce their products in west Africa agriculture market for business relationship, expansion and technology transfer.
  2. To promote fish farming, livestock farming, micro-financing, poultry processing and export for sustainable economic growth in West Africa.

iii.         To encourage inter-continental business link and expansion.

  1. To promote Agriculture and Agro-based industry, create jobs for youths and empowerment of smallholder farmers on various agro enterprises, entrepreneurship development and processing.
  2. to project prospects for local and foreign investment in the agricultural sector.
  3. To promote scientific researches and new technologies for actualization by agricultural professionals for increased food production.

vii.        To promote and expose vast investment and business opportunities in Africa and the globe.

viii.       To facilitate and exchange of technical research and commercial information in the sub-sectors in the area of livestock, aquaculture, packaging, food processing, animal drug manufacturing and advertisement to meet world standard.

  1. To expose the role of small scale industrialists in Agric and Food production in the Africa economy.
  2. to expose and promote new development in Agriculture sector.
  3. To create opportunity for export and import of agro products.


*All applications for space for participation at the Exhibition shall be made on the prescribed application form issued by organizers.

  • The completed application form shall be submitted together with full payment to the organizers to qualify for allocation of space.
  • On the signature by the appropriate parties and compliance form the documents become a binding contact between the parties.


  • The organizers shall allocate space/stand/pavilion to each Exhibitor in accordance with the Organizers classification of product materials/services. The organizers reserve the right to change the allocation of any Exhibition without being liable for damages or compensation if circumstances call for such change and/or if the Exhibitor fails to make its payment two days before the opening ceremony.


  • Exhibitors shall not sublet the space/sand/pavilion allocated to them to any third parties either wholly or in part without the written consent of the organizers.


  • Exhibitors shall be liable for any structures including the Halls, buildings and stands and shall not paint or otherwise deface of alter or affix anything to the floors, ceilings, pillars or walls without the prior written consent of the organizers.


  • The fairgrounds shall be open to Exhibitors on a date to be fixed by the organizers for the purpose of the construction of their Stands/Pavilions and the mounting of their various exhibitions, materials, and products.


  • Exhibitors shall not keep in or on their stands or pavilion or any part of the exhibition chemicals or materials of a toxic or hazardous nature.


  • Exhibitors shall not engage in and shall not be allowed in any part of their stands, pavilions or spaces allocated to them to be used for gambling, excessive drinking, drugs, wrestling, boxing, dancing, or any other activity or any anti-social behavior. The organizers opinion must be sought and approval obtained in writing for proposed activities on the fairgrounds, which may offend the fair organizers.


  • Exhibitors shall dismantle their stands/pavilion and vacate their allocated space not more than two (2) days after the closing of the exhibition.


  • All payments due to the organizers for the allocation spaces, charges for advertisement in the catalogue shall be paid in fully by certified Bank Drafts made payable to ANBI INT’L NIG. LTD or the media partners and summit consultant,; AFRICA FARMING PROJECT.


All applications must be made at least three (3) weeks before the exhibitions date to allow for adequate arrangement and pavilion allocation. Late payment will be considered only if there is any available space.

DEPOSIT:  In special cases, a deposit of 50% may be required from companies willing to participate and full payment must however be made before the exhibition starts.


  1. Minimum space is per 3m2 is N165, 000 and  $1150  for foreign participants.  Extra (M2) attracts N15,000 or $150.
  2. Payment to ANBI Int’l Nig.Ltd or Africa Farming Project.

SCHEDULE FOR EXHIBITORS:  Closing hours for the exhibition shall be 6:00 pm to the public and 7:00 pm to the participating companies’ officials.  Nobody is allowed into the Exhibition Hall before or after these hours.


  1. a) Exhibitors shall display and exhibit their products within the

Assigned pavilions only.

  1. b) Video presentation within the assigned pavilion is allowed. However this shall be done with minimum noise.

For details contact;




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